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          Injection Molding Engineering Services


          Majors Plastics Engineering Offices


          Majors Plastics Program Engineers oversee the technical development, construction and implementation of your custom injection molds and secondary machinery for new and existing customer product lines.  Majors endeavors to provide a full "turn key" manufacturing solution for existing customer product designs in the injection molding and related subassembly operations needed for your products. Our Program Engineers handling your projects will work closely with you from the early stages of development through the start of production, providing the direction and leadership necessary to ensure that the projects you place with us meet or exceed all your product and business requirements.

          Highly experienced Engineering Staff

          Our highly experienced Program Managers are here to provide you with value-engineering across all aspects and phases of your project. We collaborate with customer design groups in early development stages by providing technical direction of molding issues via DFM, Mold Flow analysis, warp studies, etc. In addition, our Program Managers Interact with outside tooling vendors to provide accurate and detailed quotation packages to our customers. We also coordinate the development of new production tooling by providing technical requirements to the toolmaker specific to each tool and document the process of each project by providing weekly progress reports to our customers.

          Custom injection molding engineering services
          In-House Injection Molding Engineering Department

          Personalized Service and assistance

          Majors’ engineering group develops and maintains a personalized relationship with your design groups and engineers, interacting at a highly technical and personable level. We coordinate initial mold tryouts and troubleshoot issues as needed,along with coordinating preliminary test runs and collaborating with our customer and the toolmaker for any required pre-production changes. We are here to support and assist you at any point throughout the development to the final production stages of your products.