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          About MAJORS PLASTICS, INC.

          Majors Plastics Inc. was established in 1953. We are a 100% employee owned ESOP company. Majors Plastics specializes in injection molding and contract manufacturing. We maintain personalized relationships with our customers from the initial design concept through the finished product, including engineering support throughout the mold design and manufacturing process.

          We are fully committed to providing the high-quality, world-class, injection molded products and secondary services that you and your customers expect and demand. Majors Plastics is a world-class injection molding and contract manufacturing resource, providing you with the high-quality parts and services, and the low cost that you and your customers can rely upon.

          Our services include injection molding, True two shot molding, over-molding, Insert-molding, ISO class-7 cleanroom molding and packaging, lens molding and assembly.  We also provide contract manufacturing and secondary services such as ultrasonic welding, heat-staking, manual assembly, pad printing, heat stamping, painting and custom packaging. Majors Plastics provides complete engineering and tool-room support from the development stages throughout the lifetime of your products.

          Mark Swanson - President/ CEO
          Jay Van Roy - Vice President
          John-Paul Lehn - CFO
          John F. May - Corporate Quality Manager

          • Majors Plastics Inc. Corporate Offices Omaha Nebraska

            Corporate Offices

            10117 I Street Omaha, Nebraska
            • Corporate Offices
            • Customer Service
            • Sales
            • Engineering

          • Majors Plastics Custom Injection Molders Plant one

            Plant One

            10117 I Street Omaha, Nebraska
            • Molding
            • Over-Molding
            • On Site Tool Room
            • Mold Repair & Maintennance

          • Majors Plastics Human Resources Plant Two

            Plant Two

            10305 I Street Omaha, Nebraska
            • Human Resources
            • Manufacturing Expansion Project

          • Majors Plastics Injection Molders Omaha Ne Plant Three

            Plant Three

            10560-64 J Street Omaha, Nebraska

            • Molding
            • Over-Molding
            • Clean Room Molding
            • On Site Tool Room
            • Contract Manufacturing
            • Assembly and Decorating
            • Receiving - Distribution

          • Majors Plastics Inc Warehouse and Shipping


            10330 I Street Omaha, Nebraska
            • Warehousing
            • Distribution Center

          • Majors Plastics Inc Injection Molding Reynosa Mexico

            Reynosa, Mx

            • Molding
            • Over-Molding
            • Assembly
            • Decorating


          Majors Plastics Injection Molding History

          1953 - Company founded by Ben Pfeiffer and Eli Dahir
          1968 - Moved company to its current Plant one location in Omaha, Nebraska
          1980 - Building expansion of warehouse and added shipping tools
          1984 - Acquires the Plant Two facility to support rigid computer disc preparatory operations
          1985 - Secured first medical products customer
          1985 - Continued product diversification into thermoset tableware products
          1991 - Began molding and manufacturing energy related products
          1992 - Shifted focus to contract manufacturing
          1995 - Added Class 10,000 cleanroom molding area
          1999 - Expanded manufacturing into an additional third facility
          2001 - Re-organized Plant Two and awarded 3M contract
          2008 - Added new cleanroom with 11 molders
          2009 - Established partnership with MIRSA manufacturing in Mexico
          2010-2011 - Expanded manufacturing and additional 20,000 sq. ft.
          2012 - Purchased additional molding machines (Total 86)
          2015 - Purchased additional molding machines (Total over 100)
          2015 - Began molding operations in Reynosa, MX
          2016- Added additional molding machines to the Reynosa Plant making a total of 15 machines and was awarded new business with 3M Manufacturing Command Products.
          2017- Majors was recognized and honored by 3M as the recipient of the Supplier of the Year Award – among thousands in its global supply base -- for world class performance in providing products and/or services.
          2018- BD and their associates worldwide, congratulated Majors Plastics as being the Supply Chain Excellence Supplier of the Year. The BD Supplier Recognition Program acknowledges exceptional supplier for their achievements. Majors Plastics was one of the 21 shortlisted suppliers evaluated in detail for this award.
          2019- Installed additional molding machines in Reynosa Mexico making a total of 20 machines in this location and added an additional 30,000 sq. feet of warehouse to this Operation
          Current – Over 300,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing. (4) facilities. Over (100) molding machines. Approximately (500) employees